Euroteck recently delivered a mobile walk in X-Ray cabinet to one of the major aerospace component manufacturers.

The walk in cabinet measures 2.7m long x 2.5m deep x 2.7m high, constructed offsite from Steel frame and shielded with lead to 160KV 19ma. The cabinet has a sliding access door and a sliding rail on the ceiling onto which the X-Ray tube is mounted. The tube can be adjusted in its vertical axis and can be angled through 180 degrees. The cabinet has all safety interlocks to comply with IRR2017.

The cabinet was supplied completely configured and was installed on site and commissioned in just 4 hours.
This size of cabinet is ideal for general purpose Radiography with the added advantage that as a relocatable machine it can easily be moved to a new location should the customers manufacturing process change or if the factory layout needs to be changed in the future. As a machine the cabinet is an asset to the business and can even be purchased on finance or Lease Purchase which Euroteck is able to offer.

Compare this with an alternative Radiography exposure bay construction using high density breeze blocks which has to be constructed on site over several weeks and when completed has absolutely no asset value.

Euroteck are able to custom design and deliver X-Ray cabinets and walk in rooms to customer requirements.