ScanMaster appoints Euroteck Systems as their UK distributor

Euroteck Systems are pleased to have been appointed exclusive distributor for ScanMaster products in the UK and Ireland

ScanMaster, based in Israel, has an enviable reputation for manufacturing reliable and innovative automated ultrasonic systems for the aerospace, rail, automotive and steel industries around the world. Founded in 1986, ScanMaster has grown to become a major player in the automated ultrasonic NDT industry. There are about 500 UT systems and more than 1,500 UT instruments produced by ScanMaster currently operated all around the world.

ScanMaster is one of the few companies who provide Electrical Design, Electronic Ultrasonic Design, Mechanical Design and software development “in house”. This allows ScanMaster to deliver “turnkey” systems without the need to rely on outside expertise. Working in tight cooperation with Rolls-Royce and under its guidance, ScanMaster developed the 1000 Gates technology now widely accepted as a great leap forward in the automated inspection of Aerospace disc components

ScanMaster already has a number of installs in the UK which Euroteck will now be responsible for supporting and maintaining.

ScanMaster was looking for a UK based company with a proven track record in sales, technical support and service and decided that Euroteck was in the best position to help them to increase sales in the UK.

Euroteck has more than 25 years’ experience with automated ultrasonic systems and has manufactured a number of systems themselves in recent years. A number of Euroteck engineers will travel to Israel in the coming weeks for specific product training.

This business agreement will allow ScanMaster to concentrate its efforts on design and innovation whilst Euroteck provide a comprehensive after sales support, maintenance and calibration service to both existing and future ScanMaster clients throughout the UK.