Microfocus X-Ray

Euroteck Systems have represented X-Ray WorX GmbH for many years. X-Ray WorX are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-resolution Microfocus X-ray tubes for non-destructive material testing (NDT), computed tomography (CT) and materials research.

X-Ray WorX develops and manufactures 100% of its products in Germany and only uses components from experienced and globally operating suppliers.
Applications for high-resolution X-ray tubes can be found in many areas such as aerospace, automotive and electronics industries as well as university research.

Examples are high-resolution computer tomography of electronic and mechanical assemblies, the inspection of welds and investment castings with digital radiography (DR) and the two- and three-dimensional inline X-ray inspection in the production environment.

Fundamentally there are three types of Microfocus X-ray sources. These are described below:

As the selection of the most appropriate Microfocus X-ray source can be quite a complex process considering application, kV, resolution, power, enlargement factors etc. it is usually best to discuss your options with our experienced Sales team who are on hand to guide you through this.

Transmission X-ray Tubes

The beam head of the transmission tube contains a disc shaped target onto which an extremely thin layer of Tungsten is applied. This layer can be between 1 and 10µm thick. Other materials can also be used for special applications. The transmission target in the beam head is bombarded with a focussed electron beam. The size of this focal point or spot, determines the blurring or unsharpness of the X-ray image. For high resolution images the smallest focal spot achievable is preferred.

Reflection Tubes

The reflection Microfocus tube has an internal solid target. Due to the integrated cooling applied to the target, the reflection target can be bombarded with much higher energy than the transmission tube described above giving more power output. The minimum distance of the focal spot to the outside is higher with a reflection tube than a transmission tube. The maximum possible magnification when using a reflection tube is therefore lower than with a transmission tube.

Rod Anode Tubes

Rod anode tubes play a vital part in NDT. Their small focal spot provides very high-resolution results. The advantage of a Rod anode is that it can inserted into a component such as a tube.

Please do not hesitate to contact Euroteck Systems if you’d prefer to discuss your Microfocus X-ray requirement.

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