Teledyne ICM Portable X-Ray

SITEX CP Directional

The Teledyne ICM CP series has been designed with a view to revolutionising the handling and performance of portable X-ray sets. At roughly half the weight of similar portable X-ray generators on the market, the SITEX CP series feature a shutter, laser pointer, a Beryllium window, an Aluminium filter and two integrated customizable diaphragms.

Currently available in 160kV, 200kV, 225kV and 300kV variants.

Key Features of CP Directional

Units CP160D CP200D CP225D CP300D
Output voltage range kV 10 to 160 10 to 200 10 to 225 10 to 300
Output voltage selection step kV 1 1 1 1
Tube current range mA 1 to 10 1 to 10 1 to 10 1 to 10
Tube current at kV max. mA 5.6 4.5 4.0 3.2
Max power at the anode W 900 900 900 960
kV and mA stability % ± < 0.5 ± < 0.5 ± < 0.5 ± < 0.5
Duty cycle at 30ºc % 100 100 100 100
Total Weight (excluding hand rings) kg 11.9 12 12.1 23
Overall Dimensions mm Ø140 x 695 Ø140 x 715 Ø140 x 725 Ø180 x 839
Focal spot to EN12543 mm 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0
IP rating IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
Cooling Forced Air Fan Forced Air Fan Forced Air Fan Forced Air Fan
Steel penetration at kV and mA max (700mm FFD, 10 min, AA400, D=2.0) mm Fe 29 42 47 66

CP200D in optional Pelicase with 3 stage RAG warning light.

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SITEX CP Battery Units

The CP120B and CP160B are ultralight and portable constant potential X-ray generators that have been specially developed to offer a completely new concept that is able to match the major advances in imaging technology that have taken place in recent years.

With their ultra-compact size and being light in weight, these constant potential generators are capable of penetrating 10 mm (CP120B) and 21 mm (CP160B) of steel in a very short exposure time. Moreover, the CPBs are able to distribute a constant DC output that easily outperforms any contemporary 150 kV and 200 kV pulse generator.

Finally, the CP120B and CP160B can be run continuously for several minutes without any cooling interruptions, which means that you will be able to perform many consecutive X-ray exposures.

Key Features of CP Battery Units

Units CP120B CP160B
Output voltage range kV 40 to 120 40 to 160
Output voltage selection step kV 1 1
Tube current range mA 0.1 to 1.0 0.1 to 0.5
Tube current at kV max. mA 1.0 0.5
Max power at the anode W 120 80
Total Weight (with battery) kg 7.0 9.2
Overall Dimensions mm 470 x 155 x 227 520 x 155 x 227
Tube Head size mm Ø124 x 440 Ø124 x 490
Focal spot mm 0.8 x 0.5 0.8 x 0.7
IP rating IP54 IP54
Max. continuous exposure time Sec. 300 300
Aluminium penetration at kV and mA max (400mm FFD, Film D7, D=2.0, T=1 min) mm Al 60 100



A simple and effective principle – Thanks to its rod anode, which is located outside the SF-6 insulated generator, the volume of Lead required for standard radiation protection has been considerably reduced. This minimized weight makes it possible to further improve both the quality and general performances (robustness, cooling system, and accessories) without adding further weight to the product. This means that it is one of the lightest portable generator series on the market.

The SITEX and SITEXS are capable of direct and accurate measurement of high voltage. This essential information enables the control system to guarantee the stability and reproducibility of the radiological parameters based on true high voltage, ensuring extremely precise measurements-based utilization.

A highly efficient heat exchanger has been developed in collaboration with the Institute of Thermo-mechanics of the University of Liege. This has resulted in the possibility of a 100% working cycle functioning under completely safe conditions, which will simultaneously reduce the anode temperature by 50%.

With its internal ‘carousel’ that contains a lead cap and four diaphragms that are specifically calibrated to match all of the most common X-ray films, the SITEX directional generators will meet all of your requirements without the need to use extra fragile and space-consuming accessories.

An extra laser pointer has also been added to the SITEXS carousel to ensure added precision to your shots.

The SITEX and SITEXS panoramic X-ray tubes come equipped with a patented automatic system of beam correction. Perfect homogeneity is provided thanks to a real time feedback loop adjustment and an EMR (Eccentric Means Ratio) value of less than 5%.

More information on the SITEX and SITEXS can be found on the Download page.

Please do not hesitate to contact Euroteck Systems if you’d prefer to discuss your Portable X-ray requirement.

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