X-Ray Cabinets

Euroteck Systems are able to offer X-ray Cabinets rated to 320kV.

Euroteck X-ray Cabinet key features:

  • X-ray Cabinets are built off site. No disruption to your existing X-ray facility.
  • X-ray Cabinet typically delivered to site, wired into mains and then ready to use. This can usually be achieved in one working day or less.
  • Custom designed. We can build to your design!
  • Unlike X-ray exposure bays built of concrete or steel/lead combination, the Euroteck X-ray Cabinets can be relocated if your workflow changes. Simply disconnect from the mains, move to your new location with FLT. Reconnect to mains and you’re back working!
  • All X-ray Cabinets are supplied with CAT 4 safety circuits to EN 62061 – Safety of Machinery and EN ISO 13849-1 Safety of Machinery and a Lab I/O interface for the X-ray equipment and cooler.

A few examples of our X-ray Cabinets are shown below:

320kV X-ray Cabinet with optional MP1 controller stand
Internal dimensions 1.5m tall, 1.2m wide x 1.2m deep

320kV X-ray Cabinet
Internal dimensions 2.3m tall, 1.2m wide x 1.2m deep

320kV X-ray Cabinet with rotating door

100kV X-ray Cabinet with optical bread board for scientific experiments.
Internal dimensions 1.7m tall, 2.0m wide x 1.2m deep

130kV Microfocus X-ray Cabinet with 35 x 43cm DDA and intrinsically safe industrial PC for hazardous area.

Art Table – 50kV rated X-ray table for the X-ray of large paintings.

160kV X-ray cabinet with tray extension.

200kV Large Walk-In X-ray Cabinet
Internal dimensions: 3.5m long x 2.5m wide x 2.5m tall.

A series of eight walk in exposure bays rated from 160kV to 320kV
Delivered in partnership with Wardray Premise Limited.
Euroteck Systems supplied all the X-ray systems and CAT 4 safety circuits. All generators, coolers and Lab I/O interfaces located on the roof to allow free movement in the X-ray bays.
Image used with the kind permission of James Fisher NDT.

Small X-Ray cabinet complete with safety Interlocks to IRR2017, Rated for 160KV 19mA X-Ray system. More than 1m ffd.

Walk in cabinet with sliding door, dimensions 2.7m wide x 2.7m High x 2.5m deep. Shielded to 160KV 19mA. Complete with safety systems to IRR2017 and equipped with a sliding tract to carry the X-Ray tube, the height of which is adjustable.

Please do not hesitate to contact Euroteck Systems if you’d prefer to discuss your X-ray Cabinet requirements.

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