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Euroteck are the exclusive UK and Ireland agents for ICM and are able to offer a complete range of portable X-ray equipment. We are able to supply both directional and panoramic equipment within a large range of kV outputs. Directional X-Ray outputs range from 10kV to 360kV and Panoramic X-Ray outputs range from 50kV to 360kV. Additionally the ICM CP120B and CP160B bring portable battery powered 120kV/160kV constant potential X-Ray generators to the market.

Started in 1993, ICM have risen rapidly to become one of the major worldwide players in the X-Ray generation market.

ICM equipment has the enviable reputation for both performance and reliability. All ICM systems can run from either conventional mains, a generator or batteries and inverter combination.

The modern microprocessor controlled SCU286 powerbox, has been designed with the user in mind. At only 14kg in weight, and with IP65 rating, this small, rugged but portable controller when used with the optional “Time Computing Software”, makes the life of the Radiographer even easier. Just enter the film type, material and thickness, the film density required. The SCU286 will then calculate the exposure parameters for you, ensuring the resulting radiographs are right first time.

ICM X-Ray equipment are the lightest and most portable currently on the market.

An example of this is the new Sitex CP200D. A 200kV constant potential X-Ray, which weighs only 12kg, but is powerful enough to penetrate 42mm of steel in 10 minutes. An output from 10kV to 200kV and a maximum of 10mA, means the CP200D is amongst the most versatile X-Ray system currently available on the market. Despite the CP200D being half the weight of a common 200kV portable X-Ray tube, features are not compromised. It also combines a laser pointer, Be and Al filters, a Pb shutter to allow safe warm up and an integrated customisable diaphragm, all built into a carousel in the tube head. ICM’s un-excelled air cooling system means a 100% duty cycle at 30°c.

Sitex CP200D X-Ray system
Shown above: SiteX CP200D X-Ray system with optional transport case.


Shown above: SiteX CP160D to CP320D range

Shown above: Part of SiteX range of portable X-Ray equipment

Shown above: SCU286 Control Unit – compatible with all SiteX tubes

Shown above: L to R CP120B and CP160B Battery powered portable CP units.

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