X-Ray Accessories

X-Ray Accessories:

Euroteck Systems can provide many of the accessories you require to carry out radiographic inspections.

Laser Pointers:

We can supply laser pointers for 160kV, 225kV and 320kV Comet and Varex type X-ray tubes.

X-Ray Cassettes – PVC and Rigid:

We can supply a wide range of PVC flexible cassettes for CR Imaging Plates as well as traditional X-ray films.

Rigid cassettes for use with CR imaging plates are available in a limited number of sizes. These are 18 x 24cm, 24 x 30cm, 30 x 40cm and 35 x 43cm.

X-Ray Film Viewers:

We can supply LED X-ray film viewers in a variety of sizes from 35 x 43cm (14 x 17”) to hot spot film viewers capable of 1.1m cd/m2 capable of reading 5.0 OD.

We have previously supplied:

  • ASTM Reference Radiographs.
  • EN 462-5 Duplex IQI’s.
  • EN 462- Al, Fe and Cu IQI’s.
  • Lead Identification Letters.
  • Etc. etc.

Please contact us for a quote on any of the above items, or to check whether we can source your required item at sales@euroteck.co.uk

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