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Level 3 Services

Absolute NDT Solutions


Euroteck Systems in conjunction with Absolute NDT Solutions Ltd are able to offer Level 3 Services to new or existing clients.

Our consulting team have over 25 years’ experience in the application of NDT technologies, over a range of engineering sectors. These sectors typically include aviation and aerospace, power generation, automotive, nuclear and medical industries.

Our consultants have gained their experience hands on as Level 2’s working for NDT service companies. Many still continue to carry out Level 2 work in addition to holding their Level 3 qualifications. Their problem solving expertise can assist you with any or all of the following:

  • NDT Process Integration.
  • Technical Procedure Development.
  • Written Practice Development.
  • Act as Responsible Level 3.
  • Process Control Procedures/Documentation.
  • Method/Process Auditing.
  • Quality Management System Auditing.
  • Compliance Audit Preparation.
  • Training of staff and development of bespoke training courses.

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Tel: 01827 312455

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