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X-Ray Inspection

Euroteck Systems UK Ltd offers Real Time Radiographic inspection of manufactured parts.

Euroteck Systems UK Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 approved organisation, and our scope of approval includes NDT inspection of product and materials.

X-Ray InspectionNon-ferrous parts and castings, electrical assemblies, automotive components and carbon composites are all examples of parts that are routinely submitted to Euroteck for Real Time Radiography.

Our X-Ray facility is unique in the UK for Real Time X-Ray inspection and includes Microfocus X-Ray, Linescan Camera and Image Intensifier based systems to 160kV. Each of these X-Ray systems is equipped with data acquisition software, allowing us to provide our customers with still images or movie files of the components being inspected.

To help meet the demands of the Automotive and Aerospace markets, our in-house NDT Technicians hold the appropriate ASNT or PCN Level 2 approvals to be able to certify your product against a supplied standard.

Our factory can handle palletised products and we can offer a 24 hour 3 shift inspection facility when necessary. Why waste valuable time and money machining castings, only to find that they have porosity, shrinkage, gas holes or cracks?

We are also able to offer a “while you wait” service for small volumes.

If you are not sure what Real Time X-Ray Inspection can offer, please send us a sample and we will return it within 48 hours with a DVD movie of your part being examined using Real Time Radiography. You may be surprised how much information can be provided by Real Time X-Ray!

Please click on the link below to take you to our dedicated Real Time X-Ray Inspection where you can learn more about the services we offer:

Alternatively, please contact Euroteck to discuss your requirements and don't forget to like our Facebook page.



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