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X-Ray Film Digitisation


 Euroteck are an approved reseller of the Vidar NDTPRO Industrial X-ray Film Digitizer.


The NDTPRO is the first non-medical film digitizer produced by VIDAR.
It introduces a cost-effective scanner to digitize/scan radiographic films, having been specifically designed to meet the most stringent demands of the NDT market. It addresses the unique needs of aerospace, petrochemical and other industrial testing applications.

The NDTPRO offers the NDT industry a product that not only carries a smaller price tag, but also is much lighter, more portable and offers a smaller footprint. It can handle films as narrow as 60mm (2.36”) wide and up to 1295mm (51”) long.

Additionally it features Vidar’s renowned High-Definition CCD (HD-CCD™) solid state technology as well as its unique ADC (Automatic Digitizer Calibration) mechanism. The latter makes certain there is virtually no variation in image quality and ensures excellent greyscale reproduction in every image.

With the optional Multi-strip feeder, the scanning of multiple weld films (<100mm wide) is made simple, and increases productivity! The Multi-strip feeder allows scanning of up to five film strips per pass. Scanning can also be accomplished even if the scan load includes films of different length. The number of slots and widths in the Multi-strip feeder is customizable and prices are available on request from Euroteck Systems.

Key Features of the NDTPRO:
• HD-CCD solid-state technology.
• Removable/field replaceable LED long-life light source.
• Optical Density – 0.5D to 4.5D
• 11 line pairs per mm with geometric accuracy better than 1% or two pixels, whichever is greater, in both axes.
• Handles film 60mm to 350mm (2.36” to 14”) wide by 200mm to 1295mm (8” to 51”) long.
• Capable of digitizing up to 25 films of various sizes in batch mode, allowing more productivity and greater efficiency.
• Requires no biannual calibration, cleaning or maintenance, thus making substantial savings year on year.



AcuScreen NDT Software:


The AcuScreen NDT software interfaces with the NDTPRO scanner to allow the user to view, sentence and archive the scanned films.
The AcuScreen NDT software allows a smooth transition from conventional X-ray film to digital radiography, by providing a powerful but intuitive Windows based software system.

Key Features of the AcuScreen NDT software:

Image Viewer Module:
• Import/Export from/to DICONDE, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF and BMP files.
• JPEG 2000 supported – Lossy/Lossless.
• Split screen into image windows (up to 5 x 5 layout).
• Histogram based brightness/contrast adjustments.
• Automatic brightness/contrast adjustments.
• Apply filters: reduce noise, sharpen images.
• Invert, magnify, crop, flip and rotate images.
• Zoom and pan images.
• Measure distances: line or freehand curve.
• Measure angles between lines.
• Measure areas: rectangle or freehand shape.
• Analyse intensity statistics: max/min, mean and standard deviations.
• View intensity profiles and histograms.

Image Archiver Module:
• Store components, studies and images within local/network database.
• Filter studies by tags.
• Add, edit delete studies.
• Attach files of any format to studies.
• Apply changes to images in database: transformation, annotations, metric scale.
• Edit and delete images
• Export images with attachments to a TIFF/DICONDE directory.
• Burn images with attachments to a TIFF/DICONDE disc.
• Add a stand-alone DICONDE viewer on export to external media.
• Send images over DICONDE network protocol.

Euroteck Systems and Vidar recommend that the AcuScreen NDT software is installed on a PC with 6GB of RAM, 3TB of HDD storage with a medical grade monitor of a minimum 2MP resolution. Minimum PC specification requirements can be supplied on request.

For more information, to request a demonstration or quotation of the NDTPRO system, please contact:








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