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Radiation Monitoring






Euroteck are an approved reseller for Southern Scientific radiation monitoring devices.
Southern Scientific are an international manufacturer and supplier of radiation detection equipment. They develop both installed and handheld systems, with the aim of providing simple but effective solutions to customer’s needs.

The Radhound bench-top monitor and Radhound X portable monitor are powerful, general purpose rate meters, suitable for use by anyone, from professional health physicists to basic users. They are currently finding use within a large range of sectors, including the nuclear industry, research facilities and NDT labs.


Radhound X:
Unique features of the Radhound X are:

  • Radhound XI: Survey meter with internal GM detector, for probe free surveying in the field.
  • Radhound XE: External connector for use with the wide range of Southern Scientific probes.
  • Battery: Runs from two standard C type batteries or an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Multi-Probe: The Radhound XE can be set up for use with multiple external probes. Changing the calibration is as simple as selecting the relevant entry from a list of pre-configured detectors.
  • Peak Reading: Can hold and display the peak count rate or dose rate.
  • Balanced: Comfortable to hold, carry and operate for extended periods.
  • Accessible: Probe calibration can be performed entirely from the advanced menu, without needing to remove the case.
  • Rugged: Tough stainless steel case, waterproof to IP65 for weather resistance. Impact resistant polymer ends allow the Radhound X to stand up to the rigours of daily use.





                                                         Shown above: Radhound XE with external survey probe


Unique features of the Radhound are:

  • Ergonomic: Light weight, supported by adjustable tilt stand. Big buttons for use with gloves. Bright, clear LCD display, with large characters and a motion sensitive backlight.
  • Versatile: Suitable for bench-top use, mobile applications and for wall mounting, using the tilt-stand base plate.
  • Powered: runs on an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery, giving over 12 hours use, or directly from the AC charger for installed or static use. A battery level indication is given on screen. 









                                                                    Shown above: Radhound with external survey probe



Common features of both Radhound and Radhound X:

  • Simple Operation: Single button toggling between modes and an easily navigable menu, which can be locked to protect user settings.
  • Data Transfer: Connection to PC via infrared or wired link, for the real time transfer of measurements.
  • Scaler Timer: Allows the integration of count for a pre-set time (or time to a pre-set count). Additionally in dose rate mode, time to dose can be indicated.
  • Self-Test: Integrity check is performed on start-up, covering battery, keyboard, menu configuration and high voltage.
  • Smart Averaging: Can be configured to slow, medium or fast depending on user preference. Averaging time scales automatically within these ranges to provide a steady, yet reliable reading.
  • Over Range: Message displayed in case of saturation, supported by active fold back protection.
  • Alarm: Loud, audible tone suitable for use in active environments. Fully adjustable alarm thresholds, with separate settings for alpha and beta. Visual alarm indicated by flashing symbol.
  • Advanced User Mode: Edit and lock device and probe settings in the fully configurable advanced menus.

For more information on the Radhound radiation survey meters, please contact Sales at Euroteck Systems.


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