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Micro Focus X-Ray

Euroteck is the UK Distributor for X-Ray Worx high performance Micro Focus X-Ray Systems.

Microfocus sources are typically used for applications where high resolution X-Ray images are required. 

X-Ray ImageHigh Resolution X-Ray Image









Semiconductor Inspection

Semiconductor Inspections

Semiconductor Inspection









Tungsten Lamp Filament

Microfocus systems are available up to 250KV with both reflection and transmission targets.

Directional and Panoramic tubes are available.


Tungsten Lamp Filament












Cross section of a  reflection tube head

Cross section of a  reflection tube head









Cross section of transmission X-Ray tube

Cross section of transmission X-Ray tube








Rod Anode Tube









Rod anode tubes are available up to 225KV equipped with both panoramic and directional targets.

Anode length of more than 1 metre in length are available and for lower powered shorter lengths, anode diameters of 10mm are possible.

Targets are easily and quickly interchangeable.

The filament comes as a compact cassette and can also be changed quickly.

The high power tubes are water cooled, with the cooling water bringing the anode through innovative internal cooling pipes allowing the diameter of the rod anode to be minimised with no external cooling pipes showing.

The X-Ray Worx microfocus tubes are ideal for Computed Tomography (CT) applications because they are highly stable in both the filament size and the tube current over long periods of time.

All systems come complete with control panel including safety interface to meet IRR99 and H&S regulations.
Software to allow precise control and monitoring of the performance of the micro focus system and comprehensive diagnostic software.

Remote monitoring is standard to help and support customers at all times.


 Please contact Euroteck to discuss your requirements.



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