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Magnetic Particle Inspections Systems

Euroteck is the exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland for Magnaflux Tiede MPI and Penetrant products for more than 15 years and we have a wealth of experience in applying MPI techniques and finding solutions for our customers.

 Please contact us directly if you cannot see what you require.

Standard Products

Portable Equipment:

Portable Equipment 









Hand yokes of a very high quality for AC 230V, 110V and DC 12 operation are available with a comprehensive range of accessories such as adjustable pole pieces.

UV Lamps and UV LED Lamps:

UV Lamps and UV LED Lamps









Tangential Field Strength Meter Type FSM2:

Tangential Field Strength Meter Type FSM2












The FSM2 is designed to reliably and easily measure the field strength of the magnetic field at the surface of the part and thereby ensuring that the correct field strength is being achieved to ensure reliable and consistent testing of the part.

Ferrotest AC Mobile crack Detection System

Ferrotest AC Mobile crack Detection System














The Ferrotest series are AC only mobile equipments with automatic demagnetisation. Available at various power capabilities from 1,000A to 6,000A as standard. When you cannot bring the part to the machine, this is the solution.


Ferrotest GWH series AC and half wave DC mobile systems.

Ferrotest GWH series AC















The GWH series delivers both AC and half wave DC outputs as required sometimes for aerospace applications.
The GHW series is available at power ratings between 1,000 and 6,000A.

Isotest Series

Isotest Series














The Isotest is a true full wave 3 phase AC and DC mobile power pack available with either 6,000A or 10,000A output. The switch over between AC and DC is accomplished by use of a motorized change-over switch.

 A 30 step electronic low frequency DC De-magnetisation system provides exceptionally good demagnetisation of components.


Stationary Crack Detection Systems

WE Series Machines

WE Series Machines















General purpose MPI Inspection benches are designated “WE” types and are 3 phase AC swinging field machines with automatic demagnetisation. The work horse of the automotive and inspection industries for small components up to 1 metre in length.
Machines can be supplied complete with integrated darkening booth and fully automatic wash, magnetise, de-magnetise operation

SW Series Machines

SW Series Machines












The SW series machines are the real work horse of the MPI inspection industry, available with a bed length between 1.2 and 6 metres. Longitudinal and transvers magnetisation provided by a motorised coil which also delivers the test fluid as it travels the bed length.
Motorised head and tail stocks clamp and rotate the part for inspection and retracting UV lamp supports allow jib cranes to easily load and unload the machine.

Special Systems

Chain Testing

Chain Testing















A small mobile system for simple and reliable testing of chains for cracks.


In-Line Automatic Inspection Systems

 In-Line automatic Inspection Systems












Magnaflux Tiede has many years experience of integrating MPI inspection machines into production lines in the automotive industry, system can be supplied with the Opto-Tec automatic defect recognition software which means that systems can run without any operator intervention.

Please contact Euroteck for further information.



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